Below this key subkeys are required for all remote BCS which will be connected by this BCS. These subkeys will be named based on the name and IP port of the remote BCS, e.g. MyRemotePC:10000 For the name either an IP address or a resolvable DNS name can be used (do NOT use a BCS name as it is used in the registry in key Digas\Planserver, this key is not evaluated by BCS). By updating an existing regionalization to BCS.exe or newer these subkeys are generated automatically by taking the information from the links of the XML tree. With these new subkeys passwords are no longer needed inside the links to remote shows but will be stored in encrypted format inside the local parameter file of the BCS. If you want to connect to a remote server, which opens multiple ports (for SeplProtocol and WebSockets) you should create multiple entries here, one for each used port.