Since version all settings for the Active-X Control (DigaMOSControl.dll) are stored below this key. The Active-X Control is used in NRCS like OpenMedia to enable an audio player inside their end user application. The Active-X Control must be registered with RegSvr32.exe and the NRCS must be configured to work with this Active-X Control. As these parameters and the ODBC sources are required to access the audio files for prelistening it is mandatory to have at least a minimum DigaSystem environment with valid parameter files and ODBC configuration on the computers which use a NRCS front end. To call MTE from this Active-X Control it must be installed on the local computer and the parameter Multitrack must exists below Programs section. Its value must point to the corresponding .exe file, e.g. %DigaSystemDir%\MultiTrackV5.exe