This key is used to define protocol files for DigaSystem. The DigaSQL.dll provides a logging function and each program which uses this function specifies a destination for the text it wants to protocol. If the destination has been assigned a file in this key, the information is appended to the file, otherwise the information is thrown away. So if you are interested in some sort of information define a string value with the name of the destination and specify a filename. The filename is not a complete name but something like "N:\DigaSystem\PROTOCOL\ERROR". The name will be automatically completed with the month (two digits), the day (two digits) and the extension ".LOG". If the destination folder does not exist, it will be automatically created. You can use the same files for different destinations, programs or even workstations. It is possible to use the station name or the user name as a wildcard in the filename. '%c' or '%s' is replaced by the station name and '%u' is replaced by the active user name. When you use '%u' the DLL will adjust its log filenames with every login or logout. If no user is logged in, the artificial name "DUMMY_USER" will be used instead. Attention: The character '-' in the entries is a minus, not an underline ! Hint: If you want to disable a destination temporarily use an underscore as first character. The DLL will ignore such a value.