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Section Entry Type Program Valid State
Digas|Settings StationName PAR_STRING Global Release
Multitrack|Flags DefaultLocationPriority PAR_STRING Multitrack Release
EasyTrack|Flags DefaultLocationPriority PAR_STRING EasyTrack Release
SingleTrack|Flags DefaultLocationPriority PAR_STRING SingleTrack Release
SingleTrack|Flags UseDigaSQL PAR_STRING SingleTrack Release
EasyTrack|Flags UseDigaSQL PAR_STRING EasyTrack Release
Multitrack|Flags UseDigaSQL PAR_STRING Multitrack Release
PlayRec InitOnActivation PAR_STRING Recorder Release
PlayRec AudioCard PAR_STRING Recorder Release
PlayRec Recorder PAR_STRING Recorder Release
  Records 6401 to 6410 of 6410