This parameter refers to so-called “neutral” elements within an EndpointStory. An EndpointStory can contain all elements for a regionalized leg, including one or more neutral elements, which are not played for a specific region but for the regular output for all listeners. Depending on the audio routing during the regionalized leg it might be necessary that such a neutral element must be played on a specific channel, which is reserved for that purpose. Playing a regular element on such a restricted channel or vice versa a neutral element on a regular channel would mean that the wrong listeners would hear the wrong content or they would not hear anything at all. Therefore, this is a hard restriction, which is always obeyed and also cannot be avoided by the user. A user has to start elements on the right channel type.
Alternatively, you can use the parameter name "NeutralRegionOnly".
Possible values: true/yes/1/false/no/0
Default value: false