This parameter is intended for the use case "Using EndpointStories for regionalization". See chapter 5.3. of TurboPlayerTechManual for more information.
When TurboPlayer distributes the elements for the regions onto the stacks it can happen that the result is an empty EndpointStory in one of the stacks. This means that no element was scheduled for this region. If such an EndpointStory is played there will probably be silence for the affected region. In order to prevent this silence, you can set this parameter to true. Then TurboPlayer will pick the neutral element(s) of the EndpointStory and make a copy in the affected stack. As a result, the neutral element will not only be played multiple times simultaneously once for the show rundown and one or more times for the affected stack(s).
Possible values: true, yes, 1, false, no, 0
Default value: false