By default, messages about the load state (preloaded, unloaded, load failed) of elements are not sent to remote TurboPlayers. This can be activated by setting this parameter to true/yes/1. In addition a pre-requirement is that sending messages for a specific rundown was activated with the parameter SendMessagesForRundown (in this key, too).
This information is not needed by remote TP engines, but it is needed by a remote TurboPlayerGUI if it should visualize the load state of remote elements in the column "Play info" of a rundown view.
Hint: the play info itself, like play and remain time, is being distributed via BCS and it does not require sending load state messages. The load state messages only give extra information to the receiving TurboPlayer. For activating sending play time info see the parameter: TurboPlayer\SendPlayInfoForChannels.
Possible values: true/yes/1/false/no/0
Default value: false