Normally TurboPlayer sees all shows defined on a BCS. You can limit the visible shows by defining a show filter in this value. This is done by specifying an expression according to TurboPlayerTechManual chapter 4.5.
If the expression yields true or 1 for a show, the show is visible. Alternatively you can define functions. In this case the last defined function must be named "filter" and it must return true or false. When true is returned, the show is visible.
You can use the special variables %fieldname (e.g. %Name) to retrieve a field of each evaluated show. The same is achieved with the function Data(fieldname) or DataOfShow(fieldname). In addition DataOfProgram(fieldname) allows to get data of the current program/service. There are also 4 global variables pre-defined, which can be used for comparisons. These are: $ComputerName, $StationName, $StudioName, $UserName.
If you specify the value "*" as first parameter of one of the functions: strcmp, strsearch, regex_match or regex_search, then these functions look into all existing fields of the show.
Hint: the show filter is implemented independent of the general macro processor sitting in the kernel. Therefore, you cannot make use of any of the many functions, procedures or variables, which are available in the regular/kernel macros.
Possible values:
Default value: