When a client tries to perform a login with a secure DPE token, BCS does not verify the token itself. BCS has to connect to DPE rights service in order to verify the token. Therefore, you have to configure the corresponding URL in this parameter.
The minimum required content is the protocol (http or https) and the host name. E.g. "https://mydpehost". Optionally, you can specify a port number and/or the path for the call. Default for the port numbers are 80 for http and 443 for https. Default for the path is "/DpeWebApplication/api/token". BCS will use the POST method on this API in order to verify DPE tokens.
If this parameter is not configured, a login with a secure DPE token is not possible (but a login with a classic DPE token will still work).
Possible values:
Default value: none