Defines a list of available UI Schemes, which will be visible as drop-down option in View Menu. A user can then change applied UI Scheme directly from the drop-down menu.
The value takes a '|' separated list of entries where each entry contains the name of an UI scheme folder (a subfolder to either Common\UISchemes\... or DigAIRange\UISchemes\...) and an optional name to be displayed in the menu, which must be separated from the key name with a "=".
Example: UIScheme_HighContrast=High Contrast|UIScheme_Monochrome
In this example, the dropdown will show two options "High Contrast" and "UIScheme_Monochrome".
DigAIRange has two internal UISchemes, which are called "UIScheme_light" and "UIScheme_dark". In order to use them, you need not define the scheme colors in the registry. You can directly list the two scheme names in "UISchemes_available".
For more information about UISchemes in DigAIRange please see BCSTechManual chapter 8.9.
Possible values:
Default value: