You can either specify a single path or two paths separated with a pipe '|'. If two paths are given, the second one should be the local replacement of a given UNC path. For example, a path specification of "\\TPComputer\Share\Audio" could be replaced by the local path "D:\Audio". This avoids that the local access to a file in this path is routed through the network stack of Windows (which might be troublesome in case of a network failure).
For the TP-GUI the given directories are always valid, for the TP engine they must explicitly be activated with the parameter ApplyInEngine=true.
The GUI takes the given directories into account when selecting a filename for GUI prelisten. The GUI will first look for a file in the preferred directories. If a file cannot be found there, all specified filenames are tried out.
For the TP engine the implementation is slightly different. Reason is that the engine does not look for existing files itself. It simply assembles a list of file names and sends this list to MultiPlayer, which then picks one of the given files. Therefore, the implementation works like this: If at least one of the file names in the metadata of an element matches a listed directory, all other file names, which do not match one of the preferred directories, are not sent to MultiPlayer. Only if MultiPlayer reports that none of the files of the filtered list can be found, TurboPlayer will make a second load request to MultiPlayer with the full/original list of file names. This behaviour has two disadvantages: First, it might result in delays of some seconds when an element cannot be loaded with the filtered list of file names. Second, if the initial loading of files from the local hard disk succeeds and then later the local files become inaccessible, MultiPlayer cannot fall back to files in the network, because MultiPlayer does not have knowledge of these files.
PAY ATTENTION to not make one of the preferred directories unusable by the settings of MediaDirectoriesToUse/MediaDirectoriesToIgnore! The behaviour for this case is undefined.
Possible values:
Default value: -