Since version 6 performing a login as a remote BUS-GUI is possible with 3 different methods. The new method (HMAC) has the advantage that a password is no longer being sent via network, only a hash value. This method only works if GUI and BUS use the same DigaSystem registry (Global.par/Rights.par). Therefore, you can use this parameter to choose a different login method for special situations, like when the GUI uses a different registry than BUS. The following options are allowed:
- HMAC: Use an HMAC based authorization.
- AD: Authorize as an ActiveDirectory user. If you explicitly specify "AD", no fallback to HMAC is done (in contrast to the default/AUTO behaviour).
- RC5: Cypher the password with the RC5 algorithm and send it to BUS. This is the classical method, which can be used, if the GUI and the BUS run with different DigaSystem registries and/or in a different ActiveDirectory domain. This method requires both types of users (ActiveDirectory-synced and pure DigaSystem users) to enter their password.
- AUTO: This is the default. The client will choose a method automatically, which is: AD if the current user is an AD-synced user, HMAC otherwise.
For more information please see: BCSTechManual chapter 8.2.2 "Login to BCS and BUS".
Possible values: AUTO,HMAC,AD,RC5
Default value: AUTO