By default (this entry is empty) the Database Manager displays a lot of selection criterions in the tree view on the left side. This value can be used to limit the shown criterions. The value must contain a list of comma-separated identifiers. Each identifier stands for a criterion which should be displayed. Hint: if you are logged in as "Admin" the DBM shows an additional menu command to manage the criterions for all tables. The following identifers are possible so far: All, SoftDeleted, Timestamp, CreateDate, Class, Flags, State, Editor, RecordPlace, Author, Source, Language, MusicFormat, MusicStyle, MusicMood, MusicTempo, MusicIntensity, MusicCategory, Gender, MusicEra, Correspondent, Department, Program, BroadcastDate, FirstUse, LastUse, Show, Motive, Registration, Customer, Product, ProductGroup, Composer, Performer, Label, Album, Button, MusicID, Publisher, Type
Possible values:
Default value: