When the Database Manager opens a table, normally all entries are shown, ordered by date and time columns. Here you can define any other SQL Select command which is executed. You can specify a section string with three possible sections. [WHERE], [ORDER] and [BUTTON].
The first section specifies the "WHERE" clause of the statement and the second the "ORDER by" sorting clause. "BUTTON" addresses a predefined selection button.
An example would be "StartSelect=[ORDER]TITLE ASC" where ASC denotes ascending order and DESC will display descending column ordering.
The third section can be used to "press" a selection button, by specifying the name of a button. You can use either a WHERE clause or a BUTTON section, but not both. If the flag "Keep selection" in the user settings is set, the SQL statement will only be executed, if the current selection is "all", otherwise the selection will remain unchanged, as the flag indicates.
Please note: You can only define static statements. Dynamic statements, like "the user currently logged in" cannot be created. You have to use a selection button (personal or common) for this purpose.
Possible values:
Default value: