With the value SortMode you can define which function is used to sort columns. The problem is that each sorting routine yields different results. In some database servers you can influence the sorting result by changing the language or the character set. Another sorting function is built into the Database Manager. Whenever the entry list in the main view of the Database Manager must be sorted this value is evaluated. Three settings are possible: "Internal", "External" and "Auto". Internal will always run the internal sorting function after reading entries (of course this needs a little bit of additional time). External will always perform a new SQL command if sorting is necessary. And auto means the internal function is used if the whole selection could be read into memory, otherwise a new SQL command is performed. The default value is "Auto".
Note: Until DBM version 4.2.7148.0 customer fields are always sorted "Internal". Since version 4.2.7148.0 for Microsoft databases customer fields are sorted as defined by SortMode.
Possible values: Internal, External, Auto
Default value: Auto