The value UpperCaseFunction can be used to specify the SQL function which converts strings into upper case. You must specify this function if your database server does not support case insensitive string comparison, e.g. Oracle, here the function would be "UPPER". If this value is specified, the DigaSQL.DLL will parse every SQL command it executes for text column comparisons in SQL where-clauses and will add the upper case command to the column name and the text argument. If you encounter any problems with this automatic correction, you should disable it (simply delete this value). Then of course, text comparisons will be case sensitive.
Note: Defining the upper case function deactivates indices on text columns which may decrease performance of search functions on database. For that reason you should use the parameter in case really needed only. Databases which do support case insensitive string comparison by default are e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Access and MySQL. So it is recommended not to use this parameter for those databases.
Possible values:
Default value: