The value DefinitionSource (String) can specify a data source name which is used to update the definitions and departments. More precisely: every time both servers, the source and its receiver, are connected simultaneously, the DigaSQL.DLL performs an update of the definition and of the department table. This is useful if you have a lot of workstations in your network and they all have a local database. The definitions and departments of the local server can be updated automatically. There is a special value you can use in conjunction with databases on changeable media. If this value is "NUL" or "NULL" all definitions and departments are deleted whenever any table of this database is rebuilt from DBE files on the medium. That means if somebody opens such a "volatile" table he will see exactly the definitions and departments which are used in the database entry files but nothing additionally. Whether you use the NULL or a real database, the user must have "Align" rights on the database or the alignment of definitions and departments will not be performed.
PLEASE NOTE: The current (Nov. 2015) mechanism has a limit of 39 characters in the definition values. This means that if your Definition set contains a value that exceeds 39 characters (which is generally allowed in a DigaSystem setting), the alignment may not appear to succeed. Please contact support for more information!
Possible values:
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